TclYAML 0.5 released


Another of my projects out for quite some time without any announcement. This one is eight years old, started early 2012.

TclYAML is a reader and generator for YAML documents. It achieves this by wrapping the libyaml reference implementation.

Note that the recent YAML specification has JSON as a parseable subset. In other words, this package will happily read JSON as well.

The recent, now-announced, bump to version 0.5 added support for the YAML Core Schema, a heuristic for determining the type of unquoted scalar values.

This also gave rise to the Mustache 1.1 release which added the ability to handle the new scalar types to that project, and conversion from its data frames back to the tagged list structures used here as parser results and generator input.

The primary site for the project is

with a mirrors at

It is, as usual for me, BSD licensed

Happy Tcling.