Critcl 3.1.14 released


Welcome to the C Runtime In Tcl (CriTcl for short) version 3.1.14.

This is a system to build C extension packages for Tcl on the fly, from C code embedded within Tcl scripts, for all who wish to make their code go faster.


Changes for version 3.1.14

  1. Fixed issue #36. Added message to target all of the Makefile generated for TEA mode. Additionally tweaked other parts of the output to be less noisy.

  2. Accepted request implied in issue #54. Unconditionally save the compiler/linker build log into key log of the dictionary returned by cresults, and save a copy of only the execution output in the new key exl ("execution log").

  3. Fixed issue #53. Clarified the documentation of commands critcl::load and critcl::failed with regard to their results and the throwing of errors (does not happen).

  4. Fixed issue #48. Modified mode "compile & run" to allow new declarations in a file, after it was build, instead of erroring out. The new decls are build when needed. Mode "precompile" is unchanged and will continue to trap the situation.

  5. Fixed issue #52. Updated the local Tcl/Tk headers to 8.4.20, 8.5.13, and 8.6.4.

  6. Fixed issue #45. New feature command critcl::cconst.

  7.   across a set of paths, and report an error when not found. This
      is for use in ```autoconf```-like header-searches and similar
      configuration tests.
  8. Modified AbortWhenCalledAfterBuild to dump the entire stack (info frame!). This should make it easier to determine the location of the troubling declaration.

Happy Tcling.