The installation manual


This is the installation manual of ParseTools 0.2, as of April 27, 2001. For a documentation of the available commands you should read the command reference.

Before starting the compilation and installation a few notes:

  • You have managed to unpack this package in a directory of your choice, whether it was gzipped tar-archive or a zip-archive. The path of the file you are reading now is something like .../ptools0.2/doc/install.?. The .../ptools0.2-part of it is that we will call the source-directory from now on.

This package depends in its operation on a few others. Here is a list of them:


of course. The package will compile with 8.1.x and 8.2.x. Versions before 8.1 cannot be used as they do not export the functionality of the tokenizer .

The following subsections describe the process of compiling and installing ParseTools for the 3 major platforms.

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